Electronics & moulding add a new dimension to 3D printing. No longer are they inanimate plastic objects, they're interactive, dynamic and limited only by your imagination.

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The RD4-Printer

TMVP© Twin Moineau Vac Pump

FIP© The world first Fluid Injection Printer

Filament Elevator

Stable up and down movement. Pump and extrude paths are consistent = less jams Reduces print head weight Easy to change filament.

RDB Triple© Extruder

Print 1,2 or 3 Filaments simutaniously. Designed to work with a Diamond Hot end

MMb© Mono Mag Ball

MMb© Why one not two? There is one ideal position both can't be there, a single ball gets you closer to ideal geometry. The accuracy of which is critical to a stable, level print head = better large prints